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World Baseball Classic + Opening Day Ticket Offer

If you haven't yet bought your tickets for the WBC and Opening Day yet, we've got a special offer for you, courtesy of our contact in the ticket office, Geno Fata. Here are the details...

Come to the 2013 World Baseball Classic at Chase Field and the D-backs Opening Day with the Preferred Client Package! Each package is $25 and includes:

  • Friday, March 8 • Mexico vs. United States
    • One (1) Lower Level, Bleacher ticket to the World Baseball Classic at Chase Field
  • Monday, April 1 • Cardinals vs. D-backs
    • One (1) Upper Level, Infield Reserve ticket for 2013 D-backs Opening Day at Chase Field

Not a bad little combo, considering that, if I remember correctly, it's $20 for the Mexico/US game by itself. You can get the package by filling in this form, and faxing it back to the team: or, if you don't have access to a fax (check the back of your cupboards - it's probably lying next to the camera that takes real film and that Milli Vanilli CD), you can email or call Geno and he'll sort you out.