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Diamondbacks Spring Training: First Day In The Books

The pitchers and catchers have duly reported, so the first day of spring training is in the books. What did Kirk Gibson have to say, in his first media briefing of the pre-season.

"Big crowd of media around #Dbacks Martin Prado's locker"
"Big crowd of media around #Dbacks Martin Prado's locker"
Steve Berthiaume [@BertDbacks] via Twitter
  • On the Fan Fest 5K: "I am a little sore from the race... A good cause and a great turnout by the fans. Somebody yelled at me right out of the gate, "Don't let the fat guy beat you!" I don't know [who they were talking about], I saw several of them!"
  • On the #5 spot in the rotation: "There'll definitely be competition: Skaggs, Corbin, Delgado. I've watched Skaggs throw his bullpen here - if you ask him, he knows he's trying to win a job. He's probably put on since last spring, at least 15 lbs.
  • Roster construction: "It's really hard to predict what's going to happen: so many things can happen. Who's hurt, who's not hurt. Who might come out and impress you - compared to last spring we've got several people who can do that."
  • Comparison between 2012 and 2013: "The team is obvious different than it was last spring... There's a good vibe here this year, but for different reasons. It's always exciting when you start baseball, regardless of the circumstances."
There's lots more from Gibson, including his thoughts on Adam Eaton, the offense this season, so listen through the player below.

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