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Angels and D-backs negotiating on Mark Trumbo

On a day without very much actual trading activity, the main topic of interest to the Diamondbacks appeared to be negotiations with the Angels for Mark Trumbo, though there does still seem to be a gap.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

As we discussed over the weekend, there's no doubt that Trumbo would solve the Diamondbacks' perceived problem with a lack of home-runs, but the key word there is "perceived." Trumbo's natural position is at first-base, somewhere you might be aware, the Diamondbacks already have a player, and if Trumbo played left-field instead, there would be a significant defensive hit to his overall value. If you've forgotten what happens when you've a slugger with the range of a glacier in left, remember the D-backs in 2012, when Jason Kubel had thirty home-runs, drove in 90... and was still only our fourth most valuable outfielder, by both fWAR and bWAR.

My source reports the Angels want both Tyler Skaggs, and an established pitcher in Patrick Corbin or Wade Miley, but the D-backs aren't willing to deal either of the last two names for Trumbo. A possibility might be to include one of our two infielders - Chris Owings or Didi Gregorius - in the deal instead, and the Angels could go for that. It doesn't seem that Skaggs alone will be sufficient to get a trade done. Bill Shaikin on the LA Times wrote this afternoon that the Angels don't consider Skaggs "enough of a return", and given our apparent reluctance to move Miley or Trevor Cahill, "the minor league players that could balance any such trade could determine the likelihood of a deal."

Saw some comments wondering why we are reluctant to move Cahill. I think it's mostly his cost and long-term control - $7.7 million next season, $12 million in 2015, with a couple of team options at $13 and $13.5 million beyond that. The way the current market is going, four years of a 25-year-old pitcher with an ERA+ of 105, for less than $47 million, is beginning to look like something of a bargain. That may be why Yahoo's Tim Brown Tweets that the Angels are "primarily focused on Cahill and Skaggs in Trumbo talks." And? Heck no: either is dubious. Jon Heyman says there are 12 teams with interest in Trumbo. He's likely a better fit elsewhere. I'd be walking away.

I'll be back a bit later with a round-up of all the other day's rumblings and (non-)activity.