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Diamondbacks at the winter meetings: Day one open thread

Good morning, people. I trust you are all adequately caffeinated, and ready for a day packed with rumor, speculation and rumors of speculation. This is the place to start...

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

No, don't worry. I'm not actually up at five in the morning, but figured that, since Florida is two hours ahead of Arizona, this should probably be pre-scheduled to appear bright and early, in case of any news appearing out of breakfast there. The aim is for this to be a central clearinghouse for discussion of any and all reports coming out of the meetings. Please feel free to include any you hear (with sources) in the comments, whether to do with the D-backs directly, or simply of general interest. Everyone reads different places, so if you don't see it mentioned already, by all means chime in.

We will update the thread throughout the day with the most relevant information as far as the Diamondbacks go, and if there's a line of news which appears to be gaining particular traction, that will likely be broken out into its own, separate thread as well for more detailed discussion.