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Winter Meetings prediction contest

A week from now, it'll all be over. Will the Diamondbacks be active at the winter meetings? If so, what will they do? Time to put your money where your mouth is...


All choices refer to officially announced trades and free-agent signings, carried out in the period beginning at midnight Arizona time on Sunday night, and ending at midnight Arizona time Thursday night. The SnakePit's decision as to whether a trade or signing counts as "officially announced" or not is final, and likely more or less arbitrary. :) I also refer the right to make up new rules as appropriate.

Predict the players that are leaving

You get up to three choices, for Diamondback players that will be dealt. For each one you get right, you will score one point.

Predict the position that is arriving

Select one position on the diamond, for which the Diamondbacks will complete a trade or free-agent signing. New players will count on the single position at which they appeared most often in the 2013 season. Outfielders are split up to LF, CF and RF, and pitchers are divided into SP and RP. If a player at that position is received by the D-backs, you will score two points.

Predict a team with whom we do a trade

Select one team with whom Kevin Towers and the Diamondbacks will do a deal. Get it right, and you will score three points.

Predict a specific player received in trade

Give us up to five names of specific players that you think the Diamondbacks will receive in trade or sign as free-agents. For each one you nail, you will get five points.

You can enter at any point from now through midnight (Arizona time) on Sunday evening. I'll include details of any points scored the previous day in the morning open thread, with the final scores going up on Friday.