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Diamondbacks making a push for David Price?

Been hearing rumblings that the Diamondbacks have tried to put together a package for David Price of the Tampa Bay Rays, though the teams do appear to be some way apart.

Jim Rogash

My source says that the Rays are seeking a package centered around Archie Bradley, perhaps with Matt Davidson or Chris Owings, and Adam Eaton also going to Tampa. However, the Diamondbacks apparently want to hold on to Bradley, and have offered a trade based around Tyler Skaggs as an alternative. At this point, it seems that it will take one or the other side to budge on their demands for any process to be made. Unless that happens, it looks like the Texas Rangers are probably a more likely destination for Price, if he's traded.

Price is a three-time All-Star, who also won the American League Cy Youing award in 2012, after finishing runner-up in 2010. Even though he fell short of those standards this season, going 10-8 in 27 starts, with a 3.33 ERA, he has put up an average of 4.3 bWAR over the past four years, and is under team control for the next two years. He certainly wouldn't be cheap, however, earning a shade over $10.1 million this season. While Price would give Arizona the ace they want, it may be that the D-backs value Bradley and his positive future contributions more highly. GM Kevin Towers told ESPN's Jerry Crasnick Bradley:wouldn't be moved, even for Price:

"I don't see that happening. Not that anybody is untouchable, but we're hoping he's our David Price, and we can control him [for several years]. He's gonna get every opportunity to crack our rotation this spring. He's pretty much dominated every level he's been at. The more you test him, the better he is. He's not looking to make our rotation as the fifth guy -- he's looking to make it as the ace."

Of course, this could be Towers simply talking up his trade chip, and I seem to recall previously "untradeable" players finding their way our of Arizona. But as we noted this morning, the Diamondbacks already have a potentially solid rotation of cheap young starters for the next three or four seasons, and being able to add Bradley would certainly do no harm. Might the 2014 rotation end up being Bradley, Patrick Corbin, Wade Miley, Brandon McCarthy and Trevor Cahill, with Delgado in Reno, for use as necessary?