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Merry Christmas from AZ SnakePit

Happy Christmas - or whatever festivity you care to celebrate. May it be a peaceful one, that you get to spend in a pleasing fashion, with whomsoever you desire. Even if that's simply yourself!

Tom Pennington

Last night, we had our Christmas Eve family get-together, which involves eating far too much and a White Elephant gift exchange, which is fun, for the mock-serious tone as gifts are "stolen" from their original recipient. Particular highlight this time, was the bottle of vodka being "rescued" from its 10-year-old temporary owner, with the straight-faced proclamation by the new possessor, that he was simply thinking of the children...

Today, unfortunately, I have to work - hey, someone has to keep the Lords of the Internet appeased. Still, at least I don't have to be in until noon, so we'll have the chance of a lie-in, then probably the habitual watching of Toys, before I have to head in. Suspect it may well be pretty quiet today. What are your favorite holiday traditions?