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SnakeBytes: The Puck Stops Here edition

Signing Eric Chavez, trading for Addison Reed... Been a busy week on the D-backs front. But here are some bits and pieces that you might have missed in all the excitement...

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Christian Petersen

Diamondbacks news

  • [] D-backs Winter Classic big hit with children - Some great pics from tone of the team's long-standing charity events. Paul Goldschmidt was among those who got involved in the Herpetological Society petting zoo. Herpetological? Let Goldie clarify. "It's not like if I see a snake in my backyard, I'm going to go up and start petting it... But I couldn't back down because there were cameras over there." Both snake and slugger survived the encounter.
  • [AZ Central] Trumbo eager to prove doubters wrong - “I think you’ve got to have something that motivates you,” he said. “There’s no shortage of things that people seem to pick out that I do or don’t do. I think it’s good to play with a chip on your shoulder. To the guys out there that have those things to say, you can keep it up and we’ll turn it into something positive.”
  • [] Goldschmidt drops first puck at Coyotes' game - "I got a lot of text messages from family and friends. A lot of them said 'Don't fall.' Keep your fingers crossed. Hopefully I'll be all right." While he would likely possess a good slap shot, Goldschmidt has no designs on changing sports. "I'm paid to get out of the way of the [ball]. They are trying to get in the way," he said of blocking shots. "I like getting out of the way better"
  • [] Former hurler Rodrigo Lopez to join D-backs' Spanish broadcast - "Former D-backs pitcher Rodrigo Lopez will serve as the team's Spanish radio color analyst starting in 2014, with a slate that includes all 162 regular-season games and two Spring Training games on KSUN Radio Fiesta 1400 AM."

Somewhat D-backsish

Not very D-backs at all