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SnakePit Shirts Special! 15% off for Cyber Monday!

If you've recovered from Black Friday, and have returned to your computer with most of your extremities intact, we've got a special offer for you.

SnakePit Store

Today only, all SnakePit shirts through the link above are 15% off. Use the code SBNCYBER15 at checkout, and the discount will automatically be deducted. This offer is good for today only, and I'm not certain what time zone it applies to, which is why I'm throwing it up in the middle of the night. :) It applies not just to SnakePit shirts, but to all other custom tees, so if you wanted to pick up those of any other SBN site, we won't stop you. If you wish to use the old or new SnakePit logos in your designs, you can download either through the links below - right click and choose "Save as...":