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Mark Trumbo: the Internet reacts

The tubes of the Interwebz have been buzzing with pundit reaction to this afternoon's deal which saw the D-backs acquire slugging outfielder Mark Trumbo. What did people have to say?

@foxsportsAZ, via Twitter


  • [] Mark Trumbo deal makes little sense from D-backs' perspective - "The D-backs are paying dearly for an AL-tailored power hitter who can't get on base or play defense and is about to get pricey. It's possible, of course, that Trumbo will exceed expectations moving forward, but right now this one doesn't look good for Arizona."
  • [] Diamondbacks land Mark Trumbo in three-team deal - "Two players to be named later are also heading to the desert, one from each of the other two teams; both will likely be settled shortly after Thursday’s Rule 5 draft. Until then, it’s unfair to render a full verdict on the trade, but for the moment, this appears to benefit the Angels the most. It also seems to represent one more puzzling step among many by the Diamondbacks — who have appeared to get significantly less than face value by trading Justin Upton and Ian Kennedy, for example — in the past year."
  • [Keith Law, ESPN] Angels do best in three-team deal - "The Diamondbacks' end of this leaves me at a total loss. They acquired a player they didn't need who doesn't fit their current roster and gave up two young, cheap, controllable assets on whom they seem to have completely soured in the past 10 months."


  • [Sporting News] Mark Trumbo brings power to Arizona, but not much else - "None of the three teams involved in this trade gets markedly better because of it. The Angels give up a flawed power bat and get flawed young pitchers. The Diamondbacks get a power upgrade at a significant cost of on-base percentage. The White Sox put themselves in a position to make an incremental overall improvement with a less-developed outfielder while giving up on a high-strikeout, high-walk rate pitcher."
  • [] Bernie Pleskoff: Applauding an old-fashioned trade - "In a three-team trade that included the Angels, D-backs and White Sox, each team met pre-Winter Meetings needs with one blockbuster deal... This was a good, old-fashioned baseball trade. Pitching for hitting. Speed for pitching. It all makes sense. Now we have to see how each of the three teams benefits from meeting their self-defined needs."


From the other SB Nation sites:

  • [Halos Heaven] Angels Acquire Hector Santiago and Tyler Skaggs - "This may very well go down as Jerry Dipoto's finest deal yet. Sacrificing a power bat for not one, but TWO pitching arms that are under our control each for at least five years apiece (5 for Santiago, 6 for Skaggs). How well of a deal we pulled off will hinge on what we're giving to the White Sox for Santiago, and who exactly the Angels give up as a PTBNL,"
  • [SBNation] Diamondbacks could be sole loser in three-way Trumbo deal - "Three poor-to-mediocre teams tried to elevate themselves with this deal. For the White Sox, the outcome depends on Eaton rediscovering the strike zone. For the Angels, Santiago and Skaggs don't even have to be great; just league average would do. As for the Diamondbacks, they'll gain some home runs, give up some triples, and stay about the same. Their destiny awaits other moves, like a pitcher to replace the one they just traded away."
  • [Rob Neyer, Baseball Nation] Three-team trade sends Trumbo to D-backs, pitchers to Angels - "He's not terribly slow, but his baserunning might be characterized as fair, at best. He's a liability in the field, whether playing first base or one of the corner outfielder spots. He's a right-handed bat, and 50 years ago he would have been a platoon first baseman. But that job doesn't exist any more and the Diamondbacks already have a first baseman, so Trumbo's an every-day left fielder. Apparently they didn't learn their lesson from Jason Kubel."