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Brown Hand Center Doctor dies

This is one for old school SnakePitters, who remember the summer of 2010. The hand doctor who used his family in creepy-looking adverts, when not going to court for domestic abuse, has died in Florida.

The advert above was a frequent visitor to our screens during our summer of 2010, and was one of those nominated for Most-hated Commercial that season. As per the comments there:

Put me down for a "hate" for the Brown hand center.

Dear Heavens! What posessed that man to put all of his kids in purple and on TV? Does he think it makes him a better doctor to show his kids instead of a competent staff, or does he think someone needing a hand doctor will get an idea of how much he needs for his kids’ college fund?


He can't put a staff...

He is a “retired” Dr because the Texas state board forced him to do so for testing positive to cocaine and for …doing other stuff i cant think of atm.

Nice strikeout!


Doc Brown's Trophy Wife

By the looks of Doc Brown and his mail order bride’s pad, his hand-ee work has really given him a taste of the High Life…I’ll venture a guess that he has some sweet CFL bulbs in his crib and is rockin some brush in hair color gel too.

The sick irony in the advert was that Dr. Brown had pled guilty to beating an earlier wife in 2002, and was arrested for doing the same to the current incumbent of that position, less than a week later this post was written. In fact, calling him "Dr" might be a stretch, since as Justin notes, he had lost his medical license in 2006, after testing positive for cocaine. Things didn't go much better for the mad doctor thereafter. The wife in question filed for divorce in January 2011, and he was charged (but acquitted) of throwing a humanitarian award (!!!) as well as a couple of vases at her that same year.

This January, he faced more criminal charged, being charged with choking several stewardesses aboard at British Airways Miami-London flight, and there was no escape this time. In September, he was sentenced to 30 days in a federal penitentiary. The day before he was scheduled to start that, emergency responders were called to his Miami Beach house and found Brown "incoherent and intoxicated" inside the closet in the master bedroom, with an apparent suicide note left nearby. Doctors at Mount Sinai Hospital declared him brain-dead yesterday - the more cynical would say they were only about a decade late with their diagnosis - and switched off Brown's life support.

The Houston Press has a longer obit on Brown, which paints a picture of a deeply-troubled man. Still, we'll always have "Daddy's baby girl"... [Hat-tip to Daryl for the heads-up on the news]