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Vote for the 1921 All-Stars!

The SABR All-Star Project is now into the roaring twenties, with Babe Ruth chasing his own mark of 54 homers, set the previous year. You might notice that the copy is taking a grandiose turn, boasting of the probity and integrity of baseball and its stars. Can you guess why this might be happening at this particular point in time?

Red Faber, second to Ruth in bWAR for the 1921 season.
Red Faber, second to Ruth in bWAR for the 1921 season.
George Grantham Bain Collection, United States Library of Congress, via Wikimedia Commons

Base Ball is the Greatest Game in the World!

Cast Your Vote For The 1921 All-Stars!

The Voice of the Fan-YOU-will be heard!

Base Ball stands for everything that is good about this Great Land of ours. The high character and integrity it takes to play this game at the highest level takes a backseat to no profession. And the greatest stars in The Game reflect that probity better than anyone.

Long established stars like Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson and Eddie Collins will join arms with the new stars of today, like George "Babe" Ruth, George Sisler and Rogers Hornsby, to stand in the vanguard of Base Ball's mission to shine a light on the best that America has to offer!

On Saturday, July 16, 1921, the brightest stars in The Game will convene at Dunn Field, home of the world's champion Indians, in Cleveland to play in the fifth annual All-Star Game. And the starters, including three pitchers, for each side will be selected by YOU, the loyal fan!

Voting is taking place RIGHT NOW. The starting players at each position, plus three pitchers, will be selected by YOU, The Fan!

Do not delay! Vote for the 1921 All-Star starters and pitchers today!

Voting will be open until 3:00 a.m. Eastern Time on November 22, 2013. The managers will round out the rosters, the games will be played using OOTP 14, and the game account and box score will be posted over at

Learn more about the Retroactive All-Star Game Project hosted by SABR here.