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Gerardo Parra, Diamondbacks Wilson Defensive Player and Team of Year

As if a Gold Glove wasn't enough, Gerardo Parra has picked up an even more special defensive honor, winning the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year for the National League. And the Diamondbacks won the team honor for all baseball.

Scott Cunningham

If you haven't heard of these awards before, it's not too surprising, as it's only their second year of existence. It's a little different from the Gold Gloves, which are mostly decided by the votes of coaches and managers. Instead, the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Award winners are determined by using a formula that balances scouting information, sabermetric analysis and basic fielding statistics. One player on each team is given an award, and there is also an overall honor for each league - last year, outfielders Mike Trout and Michael Bourn were named the inaugural Wilson Defensive Player of the Years, while the Atlanta Braves were the first Wilson Defensive Team of the Year.

You will not be surprised to learn that Gerardo Parra picked up the team award for the Diamondbacks - last year, it was given to Aaron Hill. But he also was chosen as the very best defensive player across all positions in the National League, and that's what makes the selection particularly impressive, since there can be only one (say that in a Sean Connery accent and it sounds better. Actually, most things sound better in a Sean Connery accent, I've found...). Dustin Pedroia, the Red Sox second baseman, was Parra's counterpart in the American League.

And, to top it all off, the Diamondbacks were collectively given the team award. That's not much of a surprise, because in the UZR/150 rankings, the Arizona mark of 8.1 was easily the best in the league, the Giants (5.7) trailing in some way behind. Still, it's a testament to the D-backs' focus on defense, and I have to say, watching our guys in the field was far more a pleasure than a chore this season. It's certainly an area where I'm optimistic about our future. Here's the full list of winners for each team.

2013 Wilson Defensive Player of The Year Award Winners

American League

National League

Baltimore Orioles- Manny Machado (3B)

Arizona Diamondbacks - Gerardo Parra (OF)

Boston Red Sox - Dustin Pedroia (2B)

Atlanta Braves - Andrelton Simmons (SS)

Chicago White Sox - Gordon Beckham (2B)

Chicago Cubs - Darwin Barney (2B)

Cleveland Indians - Yan Gomes (C)

Cincinnati Reds - Jay Bruce (OF)

Detroit Tigers - Austin Jackson (OF)

Colorado Rockies - DJ LeMahieu (2B)

Houston Astros - Matt Dominguez (3B)

Los Angeles Dodgers - Juan Uribe (3B)

Kansas City Royals - Lorenzo Cain (OF)

Miami Marlins - Donovan Solano (2B)

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - J.B. Shuck (OF)

Milwaukee Brewers - Carlos Gomez (OF)

Minnesota Twins - Brian Dozier (2B)

New York Mets - Juan Lagares (OF)

New York Yankees - Robinson Cano (2B)

Philadelphia Phillies- Carlos Ruiz (C)

Oakland Athletics - Josh Reddick (OF)

Pittsburgh Pirates - Russell Martin (C)

Seattle Mariners - Dustin Ackley (2B)

San Diego Padres - Chris Denorfia (OF)

Tampa Bay Rays - Evan Longoria (3B)

San Francisco Giants - Gregor Blanco (OF)

Texas Rangers - Craig Gentry (OF)

St. Louis Cardinals - Yadier Molina (C)

Toronto Blue Jays - Colby Rasmus (OF)

Washington Nationals - Denard Span (OF)