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Paul Goldschmidt second in 2013 National League MVP voting

Well, it didn't quite happen: the Diamondbacks are still looking for their first league Most Valuable Player. But Paul Goldschmidt came closer than any Arizona player has ever come before, finishing second to Andrew McCutchen. Well done, regardless.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

I'd like to turn all Dodger Blue in the face and shriek my outrage at what a travesty it was that he wasn't first on all 30 ballots. But, let's be honest, Andrew McCutchen had an excellent season, leading the Pirates to their first winning season since he was six years old, and in to the post-season. Even as Paul Goldschmidt piled up the other honors, winning the Gold Glove, Silver Slugger and Hank Aaron award, he always felt like an underdog, condemned not so much by his own performance as the rest of the team, who struggled to a .500 record. McCutchen is a worthy winner, even the most rabid D-back fan would admit, and congratulations to him on it.

But do not let that take away from Goldschmidt's magnificent season, which was one of the finest in Diamondbacks history, as well as far and away the best at the position for Arizona. Leading the league in OPS and additionally, being honored as the best defender at your position is a wonderful achievement; while I've never had the privilege of meeting Mr. Goldschmidt, by all accounts, it couldn't happen to a nicer bloke. I certainly hope - and I get the feeling I'm right - that this won't be the last time Paul's name crops up in discussions for this award. Maybe next season, he can lead the D-backs to the playoffs and take McCutchen on again.

Full results and voting analysis to follow.