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Chaz Roe goes to Texas

Cross one name off the possibilities for the D-backs bullpen next year, as Chaz Roe is now a Ranger.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Easy come, easy go, I guess. We signed Roe in September 2012 as a free agent, after he was let go by the Washington Nationals. He spent most of 2013 down with Reno, but the former first-round draft pick (#32 overall, by the Rockies in 2005) was called up and made his major-league debut on July 1. He got another cup of coffee at the end of the month, but came up once more in the middle of August, and stuck with the team through the end of the season, appearing in a total of 21 games and throwing 22.1 innings, mostly in low-leverage situations. He had an ERA of 4.03 and a K:BB ratio of 24:13.

It seems unlikely he'd have been part of the Opening Day bullpen: as we noted last week, there's a bit of a roster crunch there, and it's quite likely there won't even be room for a more-tenured player such as Tony Sipp. However, it's always nice to have bullpen depth and mop-up arms whom you can call up from Triple-A, because there's no way you go through a major-league season with just seven relievers. Roe could possibly have been part of the mix for 2014, as he was this year, though I find myself also thinking, he has the kind of arm that's not exactly difficult to replace from the pool of available candidates.

I will, however, definitely miss that beard, one of the most impressive pieces of facial hair we saw this year.