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Post-season Gameday Thread, #10: NLDS finale

The first "win or die" game of the Division Series, as the Pirates go back to St. Louis and face the Cardinals, for the right to take on the Dodgers in the NLCS.

Dilip Vishwanat


Gerrit Cole
RHP, 1-0, 1.50

Adam Wainwright
RHP, 1-0, 1.29

It's back to St. Louis, for a decisive Game 5. While the Cardinals are, to no-one's surprise, going with Adam Wainwright as in the series opener, the Pirates have opted not to go with their Game 1 Guy, A.J. Burnett, instead opting to use rookie Gerrit Cole, who gave them six innings of one-run ball in the second contest. It has been a very even series, as you'd expect, considering the Pirates edged the regular season games by the narrowest possible margin, 10-9 - over the split first four, the Cardinals have scored only one more run. It seems likely tonight's contest will be just as close, and it should make for interesting, tense viewing, both teams trying to avoid potentially lethal errors.