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Report: Charles Nagy Out as Pitching Coach

According to a report, Charles Nagy is no longer the pitching coach of the Diamondbacks

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Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

Nick Piecoro has reported that Charles Nagy has been fired as the pitching coach for the Diamondbacks. According to his report, the team will announce that and possibly other coaching changes this week. 

Nagy came on the staff in 2011 and oversaw career years from Ian Kennedy in 2011, Wade Miley in 2012, and Patrick Corbin this past season. However, the general mediocrity of the rest of the staff at times this year and perhaps an internal desire to shake things up (That is speculation on my part, not an official report) probably did him in.)

As a player, Nagy had a thirteen year career in the majors mostly with the Indians, with a final season with the Padres in 2003. Unfortunately for him, he is probably best known for giving up the walk-off single to Edgar Renteria in Game 7 of the 1997 World Series.

As insinuated above and in Piecoro's report, this may only be the first of multiple coaching changes this week, so stay tuned!