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Post-season Gameday Thread #7: National League Division Sunday

Both the National League division series ended the first two games tied at one, setting the stage for a pivotal third game today. Who will send their opponents to the brink of elimination for tomorrow?



Joe Kelly
RHP, 10-5, 2.69

Francisco Liriano
LHP, 16-8, 3.02

1:30pm Arizona time, TBS. Series tied 1-1.
The Pirates have to be happy with a split of the games in St. Louis, and return home to play in front of what's sure to be a packed and passionate crowd. Wonder if they'll be chanting Kelly's name in the same way which apparently disturbed Johnnie Cueto during the wild-card contest? That's going to become the NL version of the "Who's your daddy?" salute received by Pedro Martinez. Today, however, looks likely to be a good pitching match-up, though I would be inclined to favor Liriano's experience - Kelly didn't join the Cardinals' rotation until July., and has never started a post-season game. Will he be able to handle the pressure?


Julio Teheran
RHP, 14-8, 3.20

Hyun-Jin Ryu
LHP, 14-8, 3.00

5pm Arizona time, TBS. Series tied 1-1.
At the risk of repeating myself: let's go, anyonebuttheDodgers, let's go [Clap-clap], And at the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, Atlanta would like to win this one. In particular, because that'd allow them to finish off the Dodgers in four games, rather than facing Cy Young near-lock Kershaw again in Game 5. Teheran goes for the Braves - is it just me, or do there seem to be a lot of rookie pitchers in the playoffs so far? Actually, I guess Ryu falls into this category too, at least technically - it's cases like this (and Ichiro!) which make me wonder if there should be an age cut-off for rookie voting, rather than IP and PA.