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Post-season Gameday Thread, #5: ALL SERIES ALL DAY

All four division series play today. Chat with your Diamondbacks loving/Dodger hating friends here!


10:00 AM Arizona, MLB Network. Cardinals up 1-0


Gerrit Cole
RHP, 10-7 3.22

Lance Lynn
RHP, 15-10, 3.97

A.J. Burnett just likes to watch the world burn, and the Pirates paid for it yesterday.They hope to salvage a split in St. Louis with the arm of former #1 overall pick Gerrit Cole. This game is on MLB Network, so plan accordingly.

12:00 PM Arizona, TBS. Series tied 0-0


Matt Moore
LHP, 17-4, 3.29

Jon Lester
LHP, 15-8, 3.75

AL East rivals meet in the first round. The Red Sox were 12-7 in this matchup in the regular season, BUT EVERYTHIGN CHANGES IN OCTOBER, MAN! The Rays had to burn David Price and Alex Cobb in their two Wild Card-related wins over the Rangers and Indians, but that means Price should be ready for Game 3 at the earliest. You definitely do not want to save him for Game 5. That rarely works out.

3:00 PM Arizona, TBS. Dodgers up 1-0


Zack Grenkie
RHP, 15-4 2.63

Mike Minor
LHP, 13-9, 3.21

Okay Atlanta, YOU HAVE ONE JOB. Sure, Kershaw's gonna do that do you, but don't mess up this one. You have home field advantage and a fairly good offense for the love of Pete! Does Brian McCann have to punch somebody? I mean, he probably will anyway, but DOES HE HAVE TO?

6:00 PM Arizona, TBS. Series Tied 0-0


Max Scherzer
RHP, 21-3 2.90

Bartolo Colon
RHP, 18-6, 2.65

This is a rematch of a Division Series that occurred last year. You may remember it. That one was won by the Tigers. This one might not be #analysis. The Tigers stumbled a little bit, by the standards of their season to that point, in September with a 13-13 record capped off by being swept by the Marlins. At least you weren't no-hit in any of those games, right? And your MVP Third Baseman isn't hobbled, right? Aside thought: Wonder if anyone has seriously put up a rant blaming KT for trading Scherzer. That would amuse me. The A's have every other former (and possibly future!) Diamondback on their roster. Also kudos to them for making the Chargers-Raiders game on Sunday moved back to a later time. That means the NFL is 0-2 against MLB this year. Suck it, Goodell.