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A farewell to 2013

And with their victory last night, the Red Sox clinched the World Series, and brought to an end the 2013 season of baseball. While we won't exactly be hibernating until spring, I want to pause and thank a few people, without whom the SnakePit would not have been what it was.

Christian Petersen
  • The mods. Clefo, kishi, snakecharmer and soco, for their writing skills, keeping the peace during the sometimes-heated GDTs, stepping in to cover breaking news when it happened, filling in when I wasn't around, and not quite getting round to executing the "bloodless revolution" plan on which you've been working.

  • John Baragona. When we lost Dan Strittmatter, I thought that was the end of our comprehensive minor-league coverage. However, John stepped up, and the transition was almost seamless. The SnakePit is perhaps the one-stop shop for D-backs prospect news (without a subscription!), and that's all due to John.
  • Zavada's Mustache.Any time my pride starts to get the better of me, and I start believing I'm a good writer, I read one of ZM's previews, and realize how far I've got to go. Damn you and your career journalistic aspirations! :)
  • The new arrivals. It's always a nervous thing, to give the wheel to new people, but this year's crop of rookies were exceptionally promising. blank_38, Jared Jorde and TolkienBard, conscientiously delivered a morning dose of SnakeBytes for your breakfast consumption, while imstillhungry85 went from commenter to Fang Food to recapping in place of 'charmer.
  • They also served. BattleMoses, luckycc, prwhitaker, Turambar, Wailord, all chipped in with valuable contributions during part or all of the season, helping make this season the biggest ever. No, really: so far this year, we've combined for 1,769 stories, already almost five hundred more than in all of 2012.
  • The D-backs. Really, if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be here. Not just the players, but the staff, with whom all my interactions were pleasant and helpful. I sincerely doubt any other sports franchise could be more aware of the fans' importance, and it's a genuine pleasure to work with them.
  • The readers. There were more of you than ever before. Comparing Jan-Oct this year and last, page views are up 13% and unique visitors up 45%. I'll have a full review of 2013 at the end, but Wednesday, June 12 was the biggest day in SnakePit history, with over 7,000 visitors. Dear Diamondbacks: please brawl more often. :)

    But it isn't just numbers here. It's a community, and I want to thank everyone who fanposted, fanshot or commented on a story over the year, because that's what makes this place what it is. We may not have agreed - hell, we fought like bitter cats & dogs on occasion - but that's what families do, and what unites us, the love of the D-backs, is stronger. That's why we keep coming back, and I'm grateful to each and every one of you.

    A particular shout out to AzDbackfanInDc: not only to stop him from complaining he wasn't mentioned, but he seems to read and comment on every story, which is especially appreciated! I'm hoping to get an end of year commentor top 10 roll-call, and I wouldn't bet against him being there or thereabout....

As noted, we won't be drawing down the blinds for the next four and a half months, so be sure to keep checking back. Kevin Towers is not exactly known for sitting on his hands in the off-season, so I'm certain there'll be plenty of news, rumors of news and rumors of rumors to keep us occupied during the hot stove season.

107 days until pitchers and catchers report on February 15!