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Gerardo Parra Gold Glove Highlight Reel

Let's be honest. A full Gerardo Parra highlight reel would run longer than the Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended editions), and contain more action. Here are the top ten dozen 15 twenty dammit, 25 plays of the year by Parra. Get a cup of coffee. And maybe a sandwich... Which was your favorite?

Christian Petersen

Apr 10: A sinking liner to left center sends Parra sliding in to make the catch.

Apr 16: Running in on a sprint, Parra then dives full-length for the diving grab.

May 3: Backing up a play from center, Parra starts the relay to retire the runner at home.

May 9: A ground-ball down the line in right might normally be a double...

May 10: Chase Utley clearly wasn't watching the previous play.

May 18: Preserve the one-run lead? No problem.

May 30: Gerardo shows off his range sprinting full-speed to dive for the catch.

June 9. Damn. That's all I've got.

June 10: Suck it, Yasiel Puig. Suck it long, and suck it hard.

June 10: From the same night, Parra leaps at the wall to save extra bases.

June 25: Will they never learn about trying to score from second? I hope not.

June 29: Parra trips, falls to his knees and still makes the catch.

June 29: Later in the same game, Parra slides over to nail a fly-ball with a sliding grab.

July 6: He may have won the Gold Glove in right, but he can play center as well.

July 11: Please replace divots before continuing play...

July 26: Is this leaping catch at the wall a potential play of the year nominee?

July 30: Parra runs to left and reached across his body, catching a hard-hit liner.

Aug 10: Gerardo sprints over and sprawls full-length to snare a ball near the line.

Aug 20: Parra get the last out, to seal Patrick Corbin's first career complete-game.

Sep 2: Parra tracks down a sinking liner with a tumbling catch.

Sep 5: Four for the price of one: two great catches and two runners gunned down at the plate.

Sep 9. Yasiel Puig. Home-plate. Hilarity ensues.

Sep 11. Gerardo ranges over into foul territory and slides into the wall for the out.

Sep 13: Stray too far past second-base? Not a wise choice, opposing player.

Sep 26: Parra stays focused, despite almost getting run over by A.J. Pollock!