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Paul Goldschmidt Gold Glove Highlight Reel

Congratulations to Paul Goldschmidt, on becoming the first D-backs first-baseman to win the Gold Glove. To mark the occasion, here are our selection of the ten best plays made by him during the 2013 season. [And before you ask, a Gerardo Parra one will be forthcoming in due course!]

Christian Petersen

Apr 18: Goldschmidt catches a line-drive and doubles off the runner from first.

Apr 30: A chopper down the first-base line? No problem.

May 6: Paul shows great reactions to retire Andre Ethier on a liner.

June 28: Goldie starts and ends a crucial double-play with the bases-loaded.

July 7: Paul shows his vertical skills, leaping to take away a hit.

July 24: Goldschmidt grabs a line-drive smash to his backhand side.

Aug 27. Paul ranges deep into foul territory for an over-the-shoulder catch, and holds the runner at third.

Sep 6: Goldschmidt dives to snag a ball from Arias in the tip of his glove.

Sep 11: Robbing Yasiel Puig of a hit? Oh, go on, then...

Sep 18: Goldschmidt's basket catch retires Juan Uribe.

I think it's a selection which really does highlight how far Goldschmidt has come.Even in compiling this, it was notable how there were more possible plays from the second-half of the season, than at its beginning. It's also clear how good Paul is at all aspects of the position, including things not normally associated with first-basemen, such as range. All told, a thoroughly-deserved award, and I wouldn't be surprised if there are more on his mantelpiece by the time (hopefully, a long way down the road!) his career is over.