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Post-season Gameday Thread, #4: PIT/STL and LAD/ATL

The National League Division Series get under way today, in St. Louis and Atlanta: at least no-one will be heading for the golf course after tonight.

Mike Zarrilli


A.J. Burnett
RHP, 10-11, 3.30

Adam Wainwright
RHP, 19-9, 2.94

The Pirates, having successfully sent the Reds to Davy Jones' Locker, sail into St. Louis to try and take down the better-equipped fleet of the Cardinals. The season series between the teams was very evenly matched: Pittsburgh edged it by the odd game in nineteen, but St. Louis actually outscored them by two runs, 87-85, so this would seem too close to call. Home-field advantage could be important, as both sides did a good job of defending their home turf. St. Louis were 6-3 against Pittsburgh when playing at home, but the Pirates were 7-3 when the Cardinals were visiting them. I suspect Wainwright will be good enough to make it stand up this afternoon.


Clayton Kershaw
RHP, 16-9, 1.83

Kris Medlen
RHP, 15-12, 3.11

Let's go, anyonebuttheDodgers, let's go [Clap-clap]. There may have been some divergence of opinion on how well we wanted Atlanta to do this season, but I suspect that this evening, the vast majority of Diamondbacks will become Braves fans for the evening. I know I'll be cheering on Justin Upton and Chris Johnson this evening, as passionately as just about any time when they were wearing Sedona Red. Not going to be easy for Atlanta: Kershaw was an absolute beast in the second half, with a 1.59 ERA - though surprisingly,. the Dodgers only went 8-5 in his starts. So, good though he was, this isn't a sure thing. It's the first game I actually care about, so should be fun.