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Paul Goldschmidt and Gerardo Parra Pick Up Gold Gloves

Norm Hall

Golden Glove award winners were announced on Tuesday night, and the Diamondbacks had three nominees up for awards. Not too surprising, given the strength of our defense this season. Arizona went two for three on the evening, raking in awards for right field and first base.

Gerardo Parra's defense is one of his best skills as a player, and his second Gold Glove is a nice reminder that baseball has not missed out on the prowess of the Parrazooka. He led right fielders with 15 assists, two more than second place Jay Bruce. Setting a new record for DRS in right field, getting close to doubling the previous best, is just the kind of brilliant defense we're used to seeing him put up in the field.

On the other hand, Paul Goldschmidt is probably best known for his prowess at the plate. But for DBacks fans, Paul has done a great job showing off his skill with the glove at first base since he was called up. He led all players in baseball in put-outs this season, with 1,494- second place in the NL went to Adrian Gonzalez, with exactly 200 fewer. Jim's mentioned some of his other stats in the field recently, but just a refresher- .997 fielding percentage for second among NL first basemen, +14 in runs saved and +5.0 UZR/150 for third. Digging 74 throws out of the dirt for outs definitely helped his cause, too.

Patrick Corbin was the third nominated for the Diamondbacks, leading all pitchers in the majors in DRS, with +8. But the award went to Adam Wainwright of the St. Louis Cardinals.

That wraps up most of our awards for this season, but the MVP award still hands in the balance. Goldschmidt has been singled out for his excellent defense and offense- will it be enough to get him the big hardware?