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Post-season Gameday Thread #21: The World is their oyster

Meanwhile... In Dodger Stadium.... :)
Meanwhile... In Dodger Stadium.... :)
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports


Adam Wainwright, RHP
2013 Reg: 19-9, 2.94
2013 Post: 2-1, 1.57

Jon Lester, RHP
2013 Reg: 15-8, 3.75
2013 Post: 2-1, 2.33

5:07pm Arizona time, Fox. Series opener.
The 2013 World Series gets under way in Boston tonight, and both teams should be fairly well-rested, having knocked off their opponents in the Championship Series in six games. St. Louis did have a slightly harder task in the Division Series, being taken to a fifth game by Washington, but also got to finish off Los Angeles a day earlier than Boston did Detroit. The Red Sox haven't exactly known World Series adversity, not having lost a game since 1986 - they swept the Cardinals in 2004 and then also swept the Rockies in 2007.

Hopefully, this won't be a repeat, because those were probably the two dullest World Series of recent memory, without even an extra-inning game to enliven proceedings. Indeed, St. Louis didn't lead for a single minute, and Colorado were ahead for a total of 3 1/2 innings. While I don't think this will be as much a blowout, you can never tell. In that 2004 series, the Cardinals had a regular-season record that was seven games better than the Red Sox, but were outscored 24-12 over the four contests.

As for rooting interest? The Red Sox have a couple of former D-backs, in Stephen Drew and Craig Breslow; the Cardinals, Randy Choate. However, it would be nice to extend the National League's dominance in this event to five consecutive years, and I also feel a great deal of gratitude to the Cardinals, for them saving the nation from the prospect of a Red Sox-Dodgers World Series, which would be utterly unwatchable. For those reasons, I'll be supporting St. Louis, though it's a loose, not exactly passionate sort of support.