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World Series Viewing Party: Zipps, 5pm tonight

As last year, we'll be getting together for the Sunday World Series game, to bid farewell to the 2013 major-league season. You're welcome to come and join us. [Bumped back to the front page, since it's today![

Ezra Shaw

It will, at least, be a less painful experience than in 2012, when we got to endure the Giants completing the sweep of the Tigers and celebrate their World Series win - for some reason, no-one hung around particularly long that day! I don't know about you, but with the demise of the Dodgers, my major rooting anti-interest has gone: not really too bothered about the Cardinals or Red Sox. I think I probably would prefer the Cardinals to win, simply because they are in the National League. I'll get into that more when the series starts on Wednesday, I think. Details?