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Pit Your Wits: The Aftermath

Who has won PYW this year? Read on and find out!

Morne de Klerk

Lots of ties and stuff in last week's finale. Scoring points were kishi, piratedan, Jim, soco, TylerO, ISH, and Jacques Villenueve.


Diamondhacks 31
Jim McLennan 30
imstillhungry95 25
Zavada's Moustache 24
blank_38 23
piratedan7 21
TimInTucson 14
soco 14
kishi 13
preston.salkisbury 11
Xipooo 9
SenSurround 9
AJV19 7
AzDbackfaninDC 6
AzRattler 6
hotclaws 6
rd33 5
Dirtdawg90 4
TylerO 4
BlackedOutInUT 3
ford.williams.10 3
catbat 3
Reynolds Rapper 1
Fangdango 1

That's right, kids...

Congrats to Hacks, you get... that free generated text image as a prize. Plus you can brag about it to friends and girls in bars as the need arrives. And you are very worthy of this award, unlike say...

Thanks to all who participated in PYW this season. It was something, wasn't it? Keep on shaking along.