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Post-season Gameday Thread #20: Lost Angeles

What has fifty legs and watches television? The Dodgers! Ah, it'll be a while before last night's mauling is not a source of joy. We could find out who they face this evening, if the Red Sox can also clinch at home against our blue/brown-eyed boy, Max Scherzer.

Ed Zurga


Max Scherzer
RHP, 21-3, 2.90

Clay Buchholz
RHP, 12-1, 1.74

5:07pm Arizona time, Fox. Red Sox lead 3-2
This is a repeat of the Game 2 match-up in Boston, which the home-team won by a 6-5 margin, so they know that they can beat Scherzer. Much as with the Cardinals last night, I'm sure the Red Sox would rather take care of business this evening, rather than going to a "win or die" Game 7. Indeed, it's more imperative, since Game 7 would pit them against Justin Verlander, who has allowed one run over his past three starts and 23 innings, with a K:BB ratio of 31:3. Conversely, the Tigers will be hoping to get to that point, even it would mean Verlander probably wouldn't be able to start until Game 3 in the World Series.