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Mark Grace Pleads Guilty To DUI, Gets Work-Release Jail Time

Former D-backs announcer Mark Grace pleaded guilty in court Thursday, and received a sentence that included work-release jail time and three years supervised probation.

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Christian Petersen

The Arizona Republic reports as follows:

Grace, a former Diamondbacks player and broadcaster, was charged with four counts of aggravated DUI that could have resulted in a three-year prison sentence... Instead, a judge imposed a sentence that includes work-release jail time as well as three years of supervised probation. Additionally, an interlock device must be installed in Grace’s vehicle for six months and he will need permission to travel out of state. His work-release sentence is scheduled to begin Feb. 10.

It was Grace's second time being arrested for drinking and driving. The first came on May 2011, and was followed by another in August last year, after he was pulled over in Scottsdale. His blood-alcohol level on the second occasion was slightly above the legal limit (.095, compared the limit of .080), but an additional issue was that he was driving a vehicle without the ignition interlock device required as a result of the previous charge.

There is not yet any specific information available on the specifics of the sentence, but it does seem that Grace appears to have got away quite lightly, considering he could have been looking at some significant jail time, inside an actual penitentiary, given he was a repeat offender. [H/T to Al for the heads-up; BCB has also been covering the story]