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Kevin Towers, Kirk Gibson Discuss The Trade

Here's audio from this afternoon's press conference, in which GM Kevin Towers and manager Kirk Gibson discuss the trade of Justin Upton and Chris Johnson for Martin Prado, Randall Delgado and prospects.

Points that stand out.
  • Kevin Towers: They have already talked to Prado's agent about an extension. The player was already "interested" in an extension and the D-backs have "made some progress," and are "hopeful and optimistic" that it will get done. They want to get it taken care of before the season.
  • "We're pretty comfortable where we're at." Towers feels they've addressed the areas of concern, and are happy with Adam Eaton as the lead-off guy. So it doesn't seem like they will be pursuing Rick Porcello. "I doubt we'll go out and try to acquire another starter."
  • "If you look at the draft and what we've been doing on the the amateur side, internationally, is trying to acquire as many up the middle players as we can... A lot of the moves we've made have been with that in mind."
  • Kirk Gibson: "I think when you look into who you're adding, you are somewhat trying to predict how people are going to mesh together. Chemistry is one of the things we've had a ton of conversations about this year, and it's certainly something we feel very good about."
  • "We'd prefer to be more like we were in 2011. We want the results to be there and take it a bit further. We want to be gritty, we want to be a team that pressures our opponent, we're relentless, we're highly dedicated, we're determined and undeterred in our goals."

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