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Snakepit Video Roundtable: The Upton Trade.

Join us for a live Google Plus video chat at 8 PM Arizona time where we will discuss the Upton trade and what it means for the Diamondbacks going forward.

We are starting a new feature here at AZSnakepit dot com. Using the Google Plus hangout feature and its live-streaming abilities, we will be providing video roundtables throughout the season. (There may be a fancier name soon, feel free suggest one in the comments below!) You will experience the joy/horror of know what some of your 'pit writers look and sound like.

The debut of this comes at an opportune time. As you may have heard, Justin Upton was traded today. Join myself, soco, John Baragona and BattleMoses as we discuss the trade and all of its repercussions.

[You missed the live stream, but don't despair! You can replay the recording of it right here in this post!]