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Justin Upton Trade Rumors: Justin Or Jason?

We are raising the Upton Trade Threat Level to ORANGE, as the result of reports from various sources indicating that the team may be making a decision on what gets done this week. But will it be Upton or Kubel who goes?

As far as Justin Upton is concerned, it seems that the Braves are now the front runners, but Ken Rosenthal reports that the team may also have an offer from the Orioles for Jason Kubel, and a decision as to which player should be traded needs to be made.

As for what we might be getting back, Rosenthal has the following comment:

Another shortstop? I wonder if Rosenthal noticed the Bauer for Gregorius trade? The Gattis in question is Evan Gattis, a catcher/outfielder [yes, I had to check the stats twice to make sure I read that line correctly!] who finished the season off at Double-A, hitting .305 with 18 home-runs across three levels last year, for a .995 OPS. Buster Olney largely concurs with regard to the Braves being the most likely destination if Upton is traded, but also notes that it appears Kubel is perhaps being pushed harder by the team?

Jon Heyman covers both sets of trades in his story, saying a source told him the Braves "have offered a "strong'' package" for Upton, and that they have the type of young pitching to get a deal done. On the Kubel front, he confirms Baltimore as the most likely destination for the outfielder/probable DH.

Stay tuned. I sense this particular story may be coming to a boil in the next 48 hours...