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SnakePit T-shirts: Now Available

By popular request - mostly through gentle reminders from edbigghead - we are delighted to announced the opening of the SnakePit store, offering a small (okay: two) selection of T-shirts, perfect for announcing your undying loyalty and devotion to the SnakePit.

SnakePit Store

Just click the link above to enter the emporium of awesomeness. The shirts are currently available in white, featuring the new logo or, for those who prefer a more "retro" look, in red with the old-school logo, similar to the one used for the first batch of SnakePit T-shirts, a couple of years back. Price for either is $16.99 plus shipping (unless you're a 2XL or larger, in which case we'll shake you down for a little more money). If you'd like to see these designs on other items, comment away, though I'm not sure what the market will be like for long-sleeve sweatshirts in Arizona...

These are, I will admit, cheerfully basic, because I am not exactly the best graphic designer in the world state city house. However, you'll see, towards the top-right corner of the store, a tab called "Design Studio", so you can have a crack at coming up with something better yourself. Submissions for further entries to the store are welcome, and we'd love to see what you come up with, so feel free to post a screenshot in the thread. If we pick your design, we can simply take it out of your shopping cart. Please avoid use of team or player names, numbers or logos, because MLB have a lot of very expensive lawyers, whose acquaintance I would rather avoid.

If you wish to use the old or new SnakePit logos in your designs, you can download either through the links below - right click and choose "Save as...":

Someday, we'll organize a give-away at Chase, and hand out 40,000 of these. That is probably not going to be this year, however... So for now, you'll just have to buy one!