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2013 Diamondbacks review

Paul Goldschmidt talks about the Hank Aaron award

Paul Goldschmidt discusses winning the Hank Aaron Award, awarded to the leading offensive player in the National League.

The Trade that Started It

A look back at the three-team trade that sent Chris Young to Oakland and brought Cliff Pennington and Heath Bell to the desert.

Diamondbacks 2013 Trends: Starting Pitching

Over the season, snakecharmer provided a weekly look at individual performances by the Diamondbacks, providing up and down arrows as appropriate. Now, I'll be doing the same for the entire season, starting with our rotation.

Closing The Gap in 2014

A look at external and internal factors that could help the Diamondbacks make up the 2013 deficit in wins to secure a 2014 Playoff berth.

The 2013 Diamondbacks in the record books: Hitting

Where did the team's individual feats rank in Arizona history? Let's take a look, beginning with the offensive categories, a.k.a. It's All About the Goldschmidts.

2013 Diamondbacks: What went right

It wasn't all gloom and doom for Arizona this season. After our look at why they didn't improve on last year, let's list some of the reasons why they weren't any worse.

What are the chances of seeing MVPaul?

Ballots for the National League MVP voting have to be turned in on Sunday, and the Diamondbacks have one of this year's leading candidates, in Paul Goldschmidt. What are his chances of becoming the first Arizona player to win the award?

2013 Diamondbacks: What went wrong

We start our review of the 2013 season, with an overview of some of the reasons why the team failed to improve on last year's .500 record. Some will be gone in to, in more detail, the rest of the month, so consider this more a primer.