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2013 Diamondbacks review

The Diamondbacks 2013: In memoriam

The year is virtually in the books - where does the time go? The season itself may have been largely forgettable, with another 81-win total. But when you look back at 2013 in a few years, what will stick in your mind? Here are my picks.

2013 AZ SnakePit Awards: Pitcher of the Year

While it had its moments, probably true to say that this wasn't a great year for the Diamondbacks' pitching staff. But which one of our hurlers made the best overall impression?

2013 AZ SnakePit Awards: Unsung Hero

It's a bit of a contradiction, having an award to honor the greatest unsung hero. Because, if they get an award, they're no longer unsung so shouldn't qualify. I think I have a headache.

2013 AZ SnakePit Awards: Rookie of the Year

Did the D-backs have any breakout seasons this year? Let's look at the rookies who appeared for Arizona in 2013, and also reveal the winner of the Performance of the Year category.

2013 'Pitties: Performance of the Year

Who gave the Diamondbacks their best single-game performance of the 2013 season? Here are the nominees, and we also reveal the contest which won Game of the Year.

2013 AZ SnakePit Awards: Game of the Year

In which we announce the winner of Play of the Year, and list the nominees for the next 'Pittie, Game of the Year.

Things to be thankful for: Diamondbacks home-runs

There's nothing quite like watching your team hit a home-run. The Diamondbacks did it 130 times this year. Let's break down those, and re-live some of the most memorable examples of the season.

2013 AZ SnakePit Awards: Play of the Year

Put on your tuxedo or evening gown, because it's time to start the 2013 'Pitties! We begin with the five nominees in the category 'Play of the Year', as usual, to be decided by popular vote. And the envelope, please...

2013 'Pitties: Noms for Performance of the Year

This is the third and final single-game category, so with 162 of them on the schedule, it's easy for good performances to slip through the net. Here's some suggestions for single-player performance - any I missed for the final list?

National League MVP: How Goldschmidt came second

This afternoon, Paul Goldschmidt became the highest-ranked Diamondback ever in MVP voting, finishing second to Andrew McCutchen. Here's how it went down.

Will Goldschmidt get our best MVP result ever?

Today sees the announcement of the MVP results in both the American and the National League. Even if Paul Goldschmidt doesn't win, he could still set a few franchise records.

Parra, D-backs 2013 Wilson Defensive Player/Team

As if a Gold Glove wasn't enough, Gerardo Parra has picked up an even more special defensive honor, winning the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year for the National League. And the Diamondbacks won the team honor for all baseball.

Paul Goldschmidt: 2013 Silver Slugger Award Winner

Another day, another Goldy award.

Halloween Nightmares: The worst things about 2013

To mark Halloween, it seems appropriate to take a ghoulish meander down memory lane, and think back to some of the things from the campaign just ended, which will have you waking up in a cold sweat until spring training.

Gerardo Parra Gold Glove Highlight Reel

Let's be honest. A full Gerardo Parra highlight reel would run longer than the Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended editions), and contain more action. Here are the top 25 plays of the year by Parra. Get a cup of coffee. And maybe a sandwich...

Paul Goldschmidt Gold Glove Highlight Reel

Congratulations to Paul Goldschmidt, on becoming the first D-backs first-baseman to win the Gold Glove. To mark the occasion, here are our selection of the ten best plays made by him during the 2013 season.

2013 D-backs: the case for the defense, part two

We continue our look at the Diamondbacks defense in the season just finished, with the left-side of the infield, and the outfield positions.

Goldschmidt and Parra Fielding Bible Award Winners

Paul Goldschmidt and Gerardo Parra have won 2013 Fielding Bible Awards as the best defensive players at their positions.

2013 D-backs: the case for the defense, part one

If there's one aspect of team play which was significantly improved in 2013, it appears to have been our fielding. Both traditional and advanced metrics rate the Diamondbacks as significantly better here.

Paul Goldschmidt: 2013 Hank Aaron Award Winner

Paul Goldschmidt has picked up a piece of hardware this offseason.

Catcher in the Rye: Miggy's difficult 2013

Jason Kubel's fall from grace this year was widely noted, before his ignominious exit. But was Miguel Montero's campaign an even bigger disappointment?

Rise of the Corbin

From having to fight for a job in spring training to appearing in the All-Star Game. Safe to say 2013 was quite a ride for young D-backs prospect, Patrick Corbin.

Trade Review: The Great Upton/Prado War

In some ways, things unfolded as we expected. But if you had Chris Johnson as the best performer of the players involved, I'm sure there's a team who needs you as their GM.

Diamondbacks 2013 Trends: Relief Pitching

Arizona used 17 men in relief roles this season, ranging from Joe Pateron's 2.1 innings to Josh Collmenter's 92 frames of work. Who delivered, and who was found wanting?

Walkoff Wonderland: D-backs' 13 in 2013

Last year, the Diamondbacks had just two walk-off wins all year. This season? We surpassed that tally in April, and ended with 13, smashing the previous franchise-best of ten, set in 1999. Let's review each and every one. Which was your favorite?

2013 'Pitties: Play of the Year Nominations Open

It's time to get the 2013 AZ SnakePit Awards - commonly known as the 'Pitties - under way. The first award on which we'll vote will be for Play of the Year, so let's hear your nominations. :

Of shutdown, meltdowns and blown saves

As sabermetrician Charles Dickens said: "It was the best of bullpens, it was the worst of bullpens; it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it

Trade Review: Didi and Trevor

After a season full of bad pitches in two different aspects, Trevor Bauer entered his second off-season considered a declining prospect. Even though the stats never backed that claim, his attitude and demeanor made him a trade candidate.

The Diamondbacks' Longest Season

If it seems like the 2013 campaign would never end, there's good reason for that. According to Elias, the Diamondbacks played a Major-League-record 1,538 innings this year. Let's review how they reached that mark.

The Glory that was Goldschmidt

Paul Goldschmidt had one of the best seasons in Diamondbacks history. Indeed, you can make a case that it was the second-best ever by any Arizona position player. Let's look in some more depth at the remarkable season, by this remarkable man.

Goldschmidt for Gold Glove?

Our first baseman probably won't win the MVP this season, but could there be another trophy occupying his mantelpiece by the end of the year?

The 2013 D-backs in the record books: Pitching

Some surprising numbers came out of the D-backs pitching staff this season - both good and bad! Here are the highlights.