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SnakePit Season Tickets Available

Meant to post this on Thursday's off day, but it slipped my mind, so apologies for the short notice. The SnakePit season tickets are available, free to a good home, for the upcoming home-stand at Chase, as follows.

  • Tuesday, Sept. 11 vs. Dodgers
  • Friday, Sept 14 vs. Giants
  • Sunday, Sept 16 vs. Giants - edbiigghead
  • Wednesday, Sept 19 vs. Padres - songbird

There are two lower-level seats for each contest, and all games are 6:40pm, except the Sunday one, which is 1:10pm. Pickup can be either at SnakePit Towers for those on the West side (McDowell and 91st Ave), my work for Eastsiders (Washington + Priest) or by mail - though for the Tuesday game, I think only the SnakePit Towers option is really feasible, since I'm not at work and the post likely won't get them to you in time. First come, first served as usual.