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Game #159: Cubs @ Diamondbacks: Preview, But No Lineup

The Diamondbacks aim to sweep the Cubs this afternoon at Chase, having won the first two games handily. A victory would guarantee Arizona at least a .500 record.

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This one is going up early, since we'll shortly be heading off to the Rose and Crown, for a spot of brunch, hanging out with various 'Pitters in a last SnakePitFest of the regular season (there'll probably be something at the Fall League, details to be established, once I can find a schedule). Today's outing is courtesy of the Asteroids, who kindly donated their unused season tickets for the group: unfortunately, Mr. Asteroid is under the weather (hope he gets better soon!), but it should still be a load of fun.

It'll be the first time I've been to Chase Field for a Cubs game since a series a few years back where I went to every contest: interacting with local Cubs fans was such an ordeal - they seemed far more interested in being obnoxious, taunting home fans and drinking than the game - that I vowed never to return. But it seems that, this series, they've remained under the rocks where they live. 'hacks mentioned last night's crowd of around 29,000 was only the second time in team history a Saturday night game against the Cubs has drawn less than 40K. Makes sense, because this is the worst Cubs team in a couple of generations.

Josh Collmenter starts for Arizona, with Tyler Skaggs being shut down. Josh's previous start went very well, getting the win for five innings of one-run ball, though looks to have been on a pitch count of 75 or thereabouts. He'll perhaps be able to go a little longer this afternoon. Of course, there'll be no Adam Eaton in the line-up, given his broken hand. At this stage, there has been no card posted, so I can't say what else is going on. Will Parra or Pollock replace him? Is Goldschmidt still out with his back? Sure we'll find out later.

imstillhungry95 will be your guest recapper this afternoon, being the first person to get to do so on United. It actually offers guest recappers a bit more flexibility, since you are given guest author privileges for the day, which lets you write a "proper" story rather than just a Fanpost, and you get access to stuff like pictures. Keen to see how this works out, as a taster for next season. By which point, we hope to have a clue what we're doing...

Gameday Thread will be posted at around 12:30, so remember to migrate there for chat at that point!