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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 21

One week left in the regular season, and things are beginning to sort themselves out. Four teams have clinched playoff spots, but eight teams are in with at least a mathematical chance of making one of the remaining two. All to play for...

AZ SnakePit 5. Phoenix Platypi 3
Mizzoula Osprey 7, soco knows 3
Alabama Slammers 9, Los Wailoracles 1
Blonde Streaks 4, The Fighting Amish 6
Sofa King Juiced 6, CompleteGameShutout 4
Lil Bitches 6, MyWieterGetzLongoria 4
Ignatius J. Rallies 8, Waffles 1

AZ SnakePit 5. Phoenix Platypi 3
Ramirez had three HR and 12 RBI, while Hart also had three HR, as Snake came within one SB of an offensive sweep. However, the Platypi fought back with 12 K's by Sale and Burnett, and did just enough to cling on to the last playoff spot. Putz saved three for Snake, who lurk two points back.

Mizzoula Osprey 7, soco knows 3
Second-place and a bye in the opening round is all but Mizzoula's as they cruised to a win that dropped soco back into the relegation zone. Ramirez and Longoria each went deep three times, and Gallardo picked up a W + 13 K. Chapman notched three scoreless saves on soco's account.

Alabama Slammers 9, Los Wailoracles 1
The Slammers almost clinched first place, nearly blanking the relegated Waloracles, who picked up only W, despite 11 R and four SB from Weeks. Strasburg got 12 K for Alabama - but will he be of much help in the playoffs? Janssen saved three, while Headley drove in nine for the winners.

Blonde Streaks 4, The Fighting Amish 6
Blonde had Pitcher of the Week Iwakume (two scoreless Wins, 11 K), and got three Saves from Romo, but couldn't hold off the Amish, who piled up 64 K's, behind 17 and a W from Verlander. They had Hitter of the Week Braun (three HR, 10 RBI), with Beltre also going deep three times for them.

Sofa King Juiced 6, CompleteGameShutout 4
After a wretched streak, Sofa picked up their first win in ten attempts, a well-pitched affair where the sides combined for 143 K's. Sofa got a W and 18 strikeouts from Estrada, while Reddick had three HR and drove in 10. Complete got three solo HR from Cano, plus a W + 12 K by Hernandez.

Lil Bitches 6, MyWieterGetzLongoria 4
Lil ended their five-week losing streak, with a surprise win over Wieter, who still clinched a spot in the post-season. Rosario and Encarnacion each had three HR and seven RBI for them, Cain getting 11 K. Anderson had two W and nine K for Wieter, Holland adding three Saves in a losing effort.

Ignatius J. Rallies 8, Waffles 1
The Rallies would need a total implosion to miss out on the playoffs, after this convincing victory. Alvarez anchored the offense with his four HR and eight RBI, Jackson adding a W and 10 strikeouts on the mound. Wilhelmsen notched three Saves for Waffles, the only category they won here.


Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
*1. Alabama Slammers 129-71-10 .638 - 9-1-0 6 43
*2. Mizzoula Osprey 119-78-13 .598 8.5 7-3-0 14 34
*3. The Fighting Amish 113-84-13 .569 14.5 6-4-0 12 41
*4. MyWieterGetzLongoria 113-87-10 .562 16 4-6-0 5 34
5. Ignatius J. Rallies 101-94-15 .517 25.5 8-1-1 10 42
6. Phoenix Platypi 98-97-15 .502 28.5 3-5-2 13 17
7. AZ SnakePit 97-100-13 .493 30.5 5-3-2 8 7
8. Sofa King Juiced 99-105-6 .486 32 6-4-0 7 54
9. Waffles 91-101-18 .476 34 1-8-1 4 29
10. Blonde Streaks 93-107-10 .467 36 4-6-0 9 26
11. CompleteGameShutout 87-104-19 .460 37.5 4-6-0 3 40
12. Lil Bitches 88-107-15 .455 38.5 6-4-0 1 11
13. soco knows 87-109-14 .448 40 3-7-0 11 9
14. Los Wailoracles 61-132-17 .331 64.5 1-9-0 2 3

Week 22 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. Lil Bitches
Mizzoula Osprey vs. Phoenix Platypi
Alabama Slammers vs. soco knows
Blonde Streaks vs. Los Wailoracles
Sofa King Juiced vs. The Fighting Amish
Ignatius J. Rallies vs. MyWieterGetzLongoria
Waffles vs. CompleteGameShutout

It's a battle of the beasts in the ESPN Game of the Week, as the Osprey take on the Platypi. The Osprey are certain of the post-season, but still need 4.5 points to clinch a first-round bye, so won't be letting up. The Platypi,will be heavily scoreboard watching, to see how Snake are doing against 14th-placed Lil, and also Sofa versus third-placed Amish. Will it be birds or marsupials who come out on top?