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Diamondbacks 3, Giants 7: Arizona as Tough as Baked Ziti Against Zito

The Giants jump all over Patrick Corbin early and often, scoring 6 runs in the 2nd inning. The D-backs had a few opportunities, but never really fought back. Paul Goldschmidt steals two bases to bring his season total up to 18.

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Record: 78-78. Pace: 81-81. Change on last year: -12.

If you'll excuse my inner Tim McCarver, but it's tough to win when you give up 6 runs by the end of the 2nd inning. The last time we faced Barry Zito, Candiotti mentioned that we should be able to overcome an early deficit because we were facing Zito. He didn't say that this time, and just like last time we didn't overcome.

The shoe should have been on the other foot. AJ Pollack led the game off with a triple, but wouldn't you know these D-backs wouldn't get him in. Then Jason Kubel hit a one out double in the 2nd inning, and he still couldn't be brought around. It would be hard to get a better opportunity to score at the beginning of the game.

The Giants would capitalize on the area the D-backs could not, which I guess i the story of the season. Buster Posey singles, Hunter Pence homers, 2-0 and no outs. Brandon Belt singles, Hector Sanchez doubles, 3-0 and no outs. Barry Zito singles, then Miguel Montero allows a passed ball, 4-0 and one out. Marco Scutaro homers, 6-0 and two outs, and I wondering if it's okay to drink at work.

Arizona did scratch away at the deficit a bit, scoring their first runs in the 4th. Paul Goldschmidt continued his hot hitting against the Giants and led the inning off with a single. Of course, the next two batters were outs and I imagine he started wondering if he was going to be abandoned on the basepaths like Pollack and Kubel. He took matters into his own hands and stole second, collecting his 17th (and later his 18th) of the year. Maybe it rattled Zito, or maybe it's just blind luck, but both Cody Ransom and Jake Elmore were issued walks to load the bases. The Diamondbacks would finally capitalize, scoring two off a Chris Young single.

There would be a third run in the 6th after Ransom and Elmore hit back to back doubles, but that would be the end for the D-backs in regards to scoring.

The Giants threatened to really embarrass the D-backs in the 7th, loading the bases with only one out. Gibby called in Brad Ziegler, the double play expert, and he got Buster Posey to line into a 1-2-3 double play. The last run of the game would come in the 8th when Hector Sanchez hit a solo shot. I think I was listening at that point, I don't really remember.

Source: FanGraphs

Fall: AJ Pollack (11.7%)

Winter: Chris Young (4.1%)

Summer: Patrick Corbin (-38.4%)

Spring: Aaron Hill (-12%)

It's probably good we can't do the roll call anymore, because 90 comments? Sure, it was a day game on a Thursday, but that's just pathetic. Bad dog, no biscuit.

The season is still inexplicably grinding on. Tomorrow the D-backs are back in town to face the Cubs. which I suppose used to stir some kind of feelings for both good people and fat Midwesterners. First pitch tomorrow is at 6:40pm, which is fairly usual.