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Pit Your Wits Finale: Reader's Choice

It's the final week, who will be the 2012 Emperor of Pit Your Wits?

Athit Perawongmetha - Getty Images


So this is new and exciting. Usually I'd write two paragraphs of introductory nonsense (emphasis on the nonsense), and then say "Follow after the jump for blah blah..." However, there is no jump! We are in a new world, man. Everything is shinier and there are pyrotechnics and "The Great Gig in the Sky" plays as background music when you go to the bathroom. It's great man. Follow after this paragraph for last week's results and I will announce the winner of the Challenge Making Up Challenge as well.


imstillhungry95 and blank_38 share the winningz this week.


There will always be next year,

remember that

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by imstillhungry95 on Sep 19, 2012 4:12 PM MST reply actions 4 recs


Hey there buddy, it’s future you. Make sure you don’t

No one should care what someone writes on any other platform

by blank_38 on Sep 19, 2012 9:07 PM MST reply actions 4 recs


kishi takes silver this week for this:

Bad news- Huddy, Kennedy, Upton, CY- all hit a wall.

Even if you're right, that would be one plus one plus two plus one, not "one plus two plus one plus one."

by kishi on Sep 19, 2012 10:34 PM MST reply actions 3 recs


soco and TylerO share the bronze this week.


162 games

to go, you’ll want to get some sedation.

by soco on Sep 19, 2012 8:53 PM MST reply actions 2 recs


"Things look brighter about 12 different times this season, but..."

Current personal best: 6 "z"s in the Subject line before I realized why "next comment" shortcut wasn't working...

by TylerO on Sep 19, 2012 8:36 PM MST reply actions 2 recs

As I mentioned above, this week's challenge was going to be determined by you readers. Well, one of you, because I had to choose one. The author of the challenge I choose will receive three points, and whatever accolades follow.

So I got a few ideas, but there could be only one.

Do you want to know who it is?

Do you really want to know?

Does this "one-sentence-per-paragraph" thing make me sound like Bill Plaschke?

I want to thank everyone who submitted challenges, but like Highlander there could be only one.

Anyway, the winner of that is..... PIRATEDAN7! His challenge will follow after some points.

imstillhungry95 35
kishi 34
blank_38 34
piratedan7 31
soco 26
SenSurround 22
Bryn21 18
luckycc 16
Zavada's Moustache 15
Diamondhacks 11
Nonpartisan 9
Rockkstarr12 9
jjwaltrip 6
aclaritymaven 6
Fangdango 6
nazdbacksnut 6
hotclaws 5
Jim McLennan 3
CaptainCanuck 3
Trumbar 3
PR151 2
BulldogsNotZags 1
jinnah 1
since98 1
4 Corners Fan 1
grimmy01 1
TylerO 1

The first paragraph of Piratedan's e-mail went as follows:

"how about you picking out a random fangraph and having the participants add their own unique data points that took place in the GDT indicating a Diamondbacks win...."

Source: FanGraphs

Here is the fangraph in question. So as to bring happy thoughts, it is from last season. Devotees will know instantly which game it is without looking at the date.

I'm going to modify the submitted challenge a little bit by going outside the GDT and choosing certain points, but essentially:

There are three major points on this graph marked by a red dot and a description of what happened on a particular play. What sort of outside thing happened to help/jinx the D'Backs for those plays? (I.E: Someone did the wave). It can be in the scope of a made-up GDT, or something totally unrelated.

Post your entries, rec the ones you like. This is the final time you'll be able to do this in the year 2012, so make it count!