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SnakePit Season Tickets Available

Last home-stand of the season. Want free tix? We got 'em...

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

Last batch of SnakePit tickets are up for grabs now. As before, there are two for each game [except as noted below], and they are free to whoever wants them, on a first-come first-served basis. Westsiders can pick 'em up from SnakePit Towers [McDowell and 91st Ave]; Eastsiders from me at work [Washington + Priest, Wed-Sat afternoons and evenings], or we can mail 'em out if necessary.

  • Friday, Sept. 28 vs. Cubs, 6:40pm - DeDxDbacKxJroK
  • Sunday, Sept. 30 vs. Cubs, 1:10pm
  • Tuesday, Oct 2 vs. Rockies, 6:40pm - kishi

For the Sunday game, we have a few more tickets, as Asteroid kindly donated the balance of her unused season seats, and we will be having a bonus SnakePitFest If you want to join our loud 'n' noxious section [though since it's against the Cubs, we'll likely not stand out!], just let us know.