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Minor Leaguers In Review: AZL Outfielders

There were several outfielders who spent time in the AZL very worthy of note, but they didn't stay there and thus will be covered under other affiliate reviews. In particular we'd be talking about Brian Billigen and Alex Glenn. Billigen was sent all the way to South bend where he held his own for the last coupe of weeks of the season. Alex Glenn was sent to Missoula where he played an integral part if the Osprey's run to the Pioneer League Championship. That left the AZL Dbacks with a demoted Justin Bianco, 4th-round draft pick Chuck Taylor, DSL veteran Alan Santiago, and 27th-rounder Damion Smith. Taylor started off hot but then really cooled off the final 2/3 of the season. Bianco probably did just enough to hang around for another season, if that. See the short list of AZL outfielders and where we project them after the jump.

OF Justin Bianco, 20, .231/.302/.352
Plus Stat: .746 OPS at AZL Neg Stat: .572 OPS at Missoula
Acquired: 2011 Draft - 3rd Round

Upon being drafted in the 2011 draft and awarded a signing bonus of $369,000 Justin Bianco was thought to be a toolsy CF with some real upside. That hasn't worked out at all through two minor league seasons. he played in Missoula in 2011 and eventually lost that starting gig when he could barely hit .200. He started out again in Missoula in 2012 and did even worse, eventually being demoted to the AZL Dbacks where at least he started to hit a little posting a .746 OPS in 24 games. His future is very cloudy and he'll need to make some real noise next year to get back on track. he's still young and has a little time left but the clock is ticking. He's off my Top 60 list in any case.
2013 Projected Level: Rookie Missoula
Ceiling: High A

OF Chuck Taylor, 19, .234/.310/.288
Plus Stat: 16 SB Neg Stat: .288 SLG
Acquired: 2012 Draft - 4th Round

Taylor is an athletic outfielder who can run and plays CF mostly. taken in the 4th round and assigned to the AZL Dbacks Taylor got off to a hot start hitting well over .300 over the first several weeks. But that was as good as it got for Taylor. he struggled to hit over .200 the rest of the way and displayed no power whatsoever, collecting just 7 doubles and 2 triple in his 48 hits. He did steal 16 bases in 51 games so his speed was in evidence. But he'll need to hit more than he did this year to work his way into serious prospect contention. The primary concern is he's another in the Dbacks long line of short, speedy outfielders that doesn't hit enough to be taken seriously. But he just turned 19 so he has time to get it going in the right direction, but career starts as poor as his rarely bode well for the future.
2013 Projected Level: Rookie Missoula
Ceiling: Double A

OF Damion Smith, 18, .222/.380/.618
Plus Stat: .380 OBP Neg Stat: 1 XBH
Acquired: 2012 Draft - 27th Round

Smith didn't see much playing time early on with an AZL outfield crowded with Brian Billgen, Alex Glenn and Chuck Taylor. Once Taylor and Glenn were shipped out Smith got some regular at bats. He didn't do a lot with those at bats but did show decent plate discipline with 16 walks, but he also struck out a whopping 30 times in 79 plate appearances. He can;t be deemed a serious prospect unless he starts doing something of note, which is unlikely.
2013 Projected Level: Rookie AZL
Ceiling: Low A

OF Alan Santiago, 22, .222/.417/.278
Plus Stat: .417 OBP Neg Stat: .278 SLG
Acquired: 2009 Undrafted FA

Santiago was signed back in 2009 and did a nice job with 50 at bats posting an .895 OPS. he was sent to the DSL in 2010 where he has languished for three years before a late call-up to the AZL Dbacks to fill out an outfield vacancy. He's not a serious prospect by any stretch of the imagination.
2013 Projected Level: Released
Ceiling: None