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Diamondbacks 2013 Schedule Announced

If you're already looking forward to next season - and I don't think anyone would blame you if this was the case - you'll be glad to know that the 2013 Diamondbacks schedule has been announced. Things open at Chase Field on April 1st, against the Cardinals, and close out, again at home, against the Washington Nationals on September 29th. And if you're sick of seeing the same teams again and again in September this year, brace yourself for the same in 2013, as only six of our last 33 contests are against opponents outside the division. That sound you hear is ZM whimpering in a corner...

More details and thoughts after the jump

It will be the first year when interleague play is a consistent part of the schedule. The Astros move to the American League, gives an odd number of teams on each circuit, meaning that there will always be at least one team playing by the other league's rules. For the Diamondbacks, this means the team gets to see a lot of the American League East, beginning with the our first trip to the new Yankee Stadium, for a three-game set, beginning on April 16th. We see the rest of the East at various points, through Labor Day, when we finish up with a three game series at home against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Also of particular interest is the team's second pre-scheduled double-header - and, unlike this year's against the Marlins, this one has been on the calendar from the beginning. That will take place at Chase against the Texas Rangers on Memorial Day (May 27th). After a travel day, the two teams will then face off again in Arlington on May 29th and 30th. The powers that be do appear to have checked to make sure we're not overstretched, with the longest period without an off-day being the CBA-approved 20 days, leading up to the All-Star Break (July 15-18). We also finish the season with 17 games in 17 days.

Based on the current standings, July looks like the easiest month, with a three-game set at home against the Dodgers, the only opponent we'll see who are above .500 at the time of writing. On the other hand, there's a tough stretch from June 3rd, where 19 of 25 games see us up against winning teams, including nine at the end of the month where we host the Reds, then travel to Washington ant Atlanta, all franchises who will likely be in the playoffs this time around.

Start times for most games are still to be announced, but you can check out the full 2013 Diamondbacks schedule.