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Rosters Expand, D'Backs Add Small Horde of Players to Roster

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As the calendar turns to September, the rosters of MLB teams increase by fifteen to a total of forty, so players can be called up or activated from the disabled list without anyone having to be optioned or DFA'd. The Diamondbacks made many such moves today.

First off, Bloomquist, Collmenter, and Saito were reactivated from the 15 day DL. Bloomquist had been out since Snakepitfest with a back injury, Collmenter with ulcers, and Saito with a pulled left hamstring. With Stephen Drew being traded, it stands to reason that Willie will slot back into the everyday starting Shortstop job, unless the team wants to give Jake Elmore more of a shakedown. We will see in the coming days.

The D'Backs also recalled Konrad Schmidt from Reno. It was speculated yesterday that Schmidt might stay down to manage the pitching staff of the Aces as they make their PCL playoff run, but that turned out to be wrong. I could harp on the wrongness of that supposition and the wrongness of the person who made it, but that would look extremely vindictive and petty, and I am above that sort of thing.

Also up from Reno is outfielder Tyler Graham. He started the year in Triple-A Fresno and was picked up by the D'Backs in May. He is hitting .115 in 61 at bats in Reno, which translates to about .030 in regular places.

And finally, the game of waiver hot potato involving Cody Ransom has come back to us. As you may recall, the Brewers claimed him off of waivers from the D'Backs in May after he was DFA'd. Yesterday the team decided to not honor the "No Takebacksies" traditions of baseball and claimed him back. The reasons for this move are unknown at this point, but he adds some more depth to the left side of the infield in the final month of the season.

Also of note is Daniel Hudson's move to the 60 day DL, which frees up an extra roster spot. This means all 40 spots on the 40 man roster are filled after these moves.

It is also likely that players such as Adam Eaton and Trevor Bauer may be called up once Reno's playoff run has concluded.