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Fan Confidence 8/7: Can We Play the Dodgers Again?

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I imagine I can guess where most people's confidence in the Diamondbacks is this week: not so high. It's hard to muster confidence when they're on a three game skid, are back to inconsistent hitting, and making boneheaded plays in the field. They've slipped to 4 games back for the division lead, and even the overly optimistic Cool Standings gives them a maybe one in 5 chance of meaningful October baseball. If you're overly optimistic yourself and believe 85 wins is good enough for NL West, then the D-backs still are 30 wins away (which means they need to play at a .566 clip the rest of the way, which seems difficult given that the team has only had one month above that level).

Last week things felt great, this week we watch the world burn. Let's see how it all went down.

Yes, it was technically about the same time as I was curating the last Fan Confidence post, but Chris Johnson's grand slam should be full appreciated. Unfortunately, the people at EA don't quite appreciate the New Guy:

That's okay, because the D-backs official Twitter was pretty excited, even if it was mainly for free dinner:

Kishi was slightly more even-keeled, though I hope everyone realizes that Johnson's Official Nickname is now the New Guy:

Jim busting out the cold hard facts:

It's not often Arizona and San Francisco fans can have something in common, but the Dodgers seem to be a common point:

By now everyone and their mother knows that the Upton brothers hit career home run #100 on the same day. But did you know:

Things looked so good up to this point. Swept the Dodgers, won the first game in Philadelphia. We're going streaking, right? Not so fast there, Hondo. The D-backs have now dropped 3 straight, with less than stellar baseball. Snakecharmer sums it up:

Meanwhile, Daniel Hudson sounds like he needs a hug:

At least he had some LoLo's chicken and waffles to sooth his soul, or at least clog his arteries. It's okay, Arizona fans, at least there are other sports coming up, right?