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Gameday Thread, #128: 8/26 vs. Padres

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Edinson Volquez
RHP, 8-9, 4.18


Trevor Cahill
RHP, 9-10, 3.86

With the departure of Joe Saunders, Trevor Cahill moves up to start this afternoon's game instead for the Diamondbacks - however, because of the off-day on Thursday, he won''t be working on short rest. He will, however, be charged with the task of stopping the Padres from completing their second consecutive sweep at Chase Field this year, where they have completely owned the Diamondbacks. This week has basically ended the team's hopes of the post-season, for all but the most optimistic of fans: we've gone 2-4 in our own park, against two sides well below .500. That simply isn't playoff-level performance.

Line-up after the jump: imstillhungry95 is your guest recapper today! No line-up available at this point, perhaps some kind editor will insert it, since I'm not about.