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Joe Saunders to Orioles for Matt Lindstrom

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The move finally went through, the D-backs have moved Saunders to Baltimore for Matt Lindstrom and a player to be named later. The SBN Nation mothership is reporting cash considerations as well, so we'll get that updated when more information becomes available.

The right handed Matt Lindstrom has a career line of 315 innings pitched, 3.68 ERA, 7.2 K/9, and 2.16 K/BB over 6 seasons. He's spent most of the 2012 season on the DL with an injured finger on his pitching hand, though he began rehabbing in June.

More details after the jump.

The Diamondbacks teased the story last night, though why they were playing coy is not completely certain. Perhaps they had the framework and were waiting for league approval? Sure, they probably wanted the media coverage that would come with a more reasonable hour, but let's face the facts. It's the Diamondbacks and Joe Saunders we're talking here. I can't imagine ESPN was waiting with baited breath.

Joe Saunders was traded the D-backs in the terrible summer of 2010 in a deal not well loved at the time, one that involved sending Dan Haren (whom the Diamondbacks had acquired by sending a boat of prospects to Oakland) to the Angels in exchange for Saunders, Tyler Skaggs, and Pat Corbin.

Over time, however, I think most became more understanding of the move, which was partially a salary dump, but also netted Arizona two pitchers that are expected to either anchor a very young and solid rotation in the next year or so, or be a very solid option from the bullpen. Saunders has also been more than acceptable, and even has been a better pitcher this year than Haren (not difficult, if you look Haren's numbers this year).

Saunders pitched 424.2 innings for Arizona, had an ERA of 3.96, K/9 of 5.2, and a K/BB of 2.11.