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Report: Joe Saunders Trade Imminent [Updated]

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Nick Piecoro followed up by Tweeting that there is "Still lots of speculation on Baltimore being most logical fit for Saunders. Rumored to have been interested in him a while now." Saunders was reportedly placed on waivers earlier in the week, and there was speculation that this could lead to an immediate trade, based in part on the promotion of Tyler Skaggs from Reno to start Wednesday's double-header against Florida. However, that deal didn't happen, and Saunders made it through without being claimed, which now allows the Diamondbacks to trade him to anyone without further issue.

The SnakePit will be going onto DefCon 3 to cover this potential move, with myself, BattleMoses and soco on standby all night to provide round-the-clock coverage of any breaking Saundersness between now and game time tomorrow. Actually, it's probably more by happy circumstance that our schedules have matched up in this way, but why let that get in the way of journalistic license? And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go blow the dust off my "Farewell to Joe Saunders" piece...

Update 8:34am:

Brittany Ghiroli, one of the Orioles beat writers, just mentioned that there are at least 2 teams in the mix right now, and that the Orioles are one of them:

So this thing might be close to being done, but not final yet (hence why there isn't any official word).

Update 9:01am:

Now Jon Heyman of CBS is reporting that the Orioles are the team, no word yet on terms: