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Mark Grace To Take "Indefinite Leave Of Absence" After DUI Arrest

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Maybe he has gone over to the dark side...
Maybe he has gone over to the dark side...

PHOENIX - The Arizona Diamondbacks announced that broadcaster Mark Grace has requested an indefinite leave of absence to seek personal assistance. Due to the nature of Grace's request, the team will have no further comment on the matter at this time. Luis Gonzalez will serve as the analyst on the Fox Sports Arizona broadcast tonight and tomorrow while Joe Garagiola will fill his usual role on Sunday's telecast.
-- Official Diamondbacks press release.

Well, this was unexpected. I must say, I had noticed Grace being absent from the broadcast booth a good deal more often than usual this year, even taking into account his other duties. Whether those absences were connected to this one, is impossible to say, but it has certainly been a long, strange season for the Diamondbacks TV crew, losing first Daron Sutton, and now Mark Grace. As 'charmer Tweeted, "One down for personnel reasons, the other for personal. Amazing how two letters can make a big difference."

Let the baseless speculation begin! [Hat-tip for Fanpost: AzDbackfanInDc and Fanshot: JoeCB1991]

[Update] The Arizona Republic reports that Mark Grace was arrested Thursday night for a DUI. It is his second DUI in two years; in 2011, he had his license suspended.