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[OT] Phoenix Fear Con Needs You (Or Your Money, At Least!)

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If you've hung around here long enough, you'll know that my other main pastime is movies. And so, in October, Mrs. SnakePit and I are putting on the 5th Phoenix Fear Film Festival, renamed this time round to Phoenix Fear Con. From teeny beginning in the late, lamented Paper Heart Art Gallery, it has gone through Chandler Cinemas, the MADCAP Theater in Tempe, and this year expands even further to the UltraStar Cinemas at the Scottsdale Pavilions. It's going to be the biggest, best one yet.

Naturally, the costs of doing this event are higher, so we're reaching out to the 'Pit to spread the word about our fundraising campaign site to make all of you "associate producers" of the Phoenix FearCON. If we raise the goal of the campaign, we'll be able to make sure that this Film Festival will be the biggest, baddest, most incredible event in the the last 5 years. It'd be amazing to know something that started in a tiny art gallery back in 2006 has grown to the what it is. [The Phoenix New Times told us today that we are going to get nominated next year for Best Indy Art Festival in their "Best of" issue!]

We just need that little extra push to make it fantastic! If you'd like to help us, then please click on the link below to go to our IndieGoGo Campaign and for as little as $10 you can help our festival. Of course there are perks with donating to the fundraiser, just like school fundraisers. Only we don't give cookies or candles. The perks range from stickers and thanks, to posters, t-shirts, tickets and swag all the way to VIP tickets and a replica of our custom made trophies. [Which are the only film festival trophies that double as lethal weapons!]

So, please think about it, click on that link and do the needful. It's painless, it's easy and we will be always grateful that you helped make our event ridiculous! :-) Here's the link to our campaign, please feel free to spread it through your Facebook, Twitters or whatever!

Phoenix FearCON V is looking for a few good friends